Welcome to The Art of Sadness. Through photography we capture melancholy, grief, and eternal love. We consider our photography a form of artistic historic preservation, striving to preserve the art of emotion captured in stone, stained glass, or other monuments. We have wandered the cemeteries of the South from New Orleans to Savannah, the Northeast from New York to Pittsburgh, and a few in-betweens including parts of the Midwest and as far as Europe searching for unique sculptures that capture such deep human emotions. Our mission is not a religious one, but it is spiritual in many ways. Through photography and death we fell in love, and we continue to discover the beauty in sadness and the depths of true love with each cemetery we visit.

We are Casey Haselden and Megan Elizabeth Williams, the founders of The Order of Cemetery Photographers, and The Art of Sadness.

We offer high quality canvas originals, archival prints, artistic buttons, and vintage style mirrors for any art history or cemetery lover.

To contact us with any questions or inquiries on purchasing a piece of unique art, please email us: theartofsadness (@) gmail.com

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